Stefanie Drost
web development & fitness with heart and passion
Stefanie Drost
web development & fitness with heart and passion
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Conception, implementation and maintenance of your website

Integration of external services

Support, integration or implementation of plugins, APIs, extensions etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Responsive Design (appropriate layouts for different devices)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Potential clients should find your website real quick. If you want to rank on top in search engines you need to follow rules and pay attention at some properties.

I will help you with the technical part and give you some insights in optimizing your content for search engines.

Responsives Design

Nowadays it is standard that a website can be used on different devices like smartphones, tablets, PC or TVs.
Smaller displays require customized size ratios and other control elements than bigger screens.

I always keep an eye on the usability of a webpage when developing for different devices.

Agile Software Development

The main advantage of agile development is the early and fast reaction on unforeseen changes. New requirements will be integrated in the active development process as soon as possible and therefore unnecessary costs will be prevented.

Together with the client there are regularly feedback rounds and presentations of the current status. Misconceptions can be dicovered early and the project will be finished sooner.

I prefer the agile development. It provides the best solution for both - client and developer.

Forward-looking Architecture

Depending on the project complexity the topics scalability or performance can play an important role. Therefore targeted future goals should be considered in decision-making processes for technologies or architecture.

With these information you can make well-considered architecture decisions. (i.e. use cloud services, microservices, use an API for backend)

I can support you in analyze your project targets and recommend some possible solutions.

Get In Touch

You want to realize a new idea but you are missing the technical know how?

Or do you need support and help for an existing project?.

Don ' t worry. Drop me a line and we will find the perfect solution for your business.